While the number of vehicles the dealership held on-site would remain much the same, Steve explained it was the servicing department that would change the most, with a 50% increase in the space the division would operate in. This provides more convenience in terms of pick-up, drop-off, ease of parking and other customer needs.

The impact of the new site's construction on the local economy has been notable, and visible; Steve made it a priority to reward the region's businesses for the loyalty they had shown his operation over the years, by seeking south-west trades, retailers and wholesalers as much as possible.

"We estimate there's been about 180 people (34 separate businesses) working on this site and the majority, if not all of them, were local; we've always sought to meet the needs of this project by utilising local businesses and networks. We've had a lot of our town contribute to this in some way or another. Ian Bolden Construction, their team and all sub-trades are to be congratulated for their efforts over the past 11 months."

With the new site also comes a new look for Callaghan Motors; the operation's distinctive logo, depicting a dynamic ship leading its way through unchartered waters, has been modernised. Employees are also being kitted out in new uniforms to better represent the operation's new era.

"It's important for us that we convey to our stakeholders - our customers, our employees, the manufacturers whose vehicles we sell, as well as the local community - that while we are starting a new phase, we are still very conscious of where we have come from and want to acknowledge the tradition of the last 84 years."

Lois Chislett spoke to Steve Callaghan about the move.